How do you know if the SEO and PPC expert you’re looking to hire is a professional or someone looking to make a quick buck??

Working in the digital marketing industry, I’ve heard horror stories from clients about past PPC managers with virtually no experience who waste thousands of client dollars through paid campaigns. These individuals do not mean harm, but do not have the experience it takes to take on entire account management within AdWords. It can take years of experience to learn the systems, techniques, and overall strategy that goes into creating and maintaining AdWords campaigns. ?All the while your money is being spent inefficiently and ultimately ineffectively.?

Luckily, Google has created certification exams that are comprised of complex questions to test general and specific knowledge of AdWords best practices involved in account setup, maintenance, strategy, conversion optimization, etc. To become Google AdWords certified you must pass two of their certification exams, 120 questions each and timed.?

Passing these exams is no easy task. This takes a strong knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Google AdWords. These certifications make it easy to see who is staying on top of their industry best practices and who really knows what they’re doing.

Google also certifies Google Analytics users. With a Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certification an individual has the knowledge to:

• Create & maintain thoughtful, results-driven campaigns
• Analyze traffic on your website for optimization purposes
• Optimize campaigns based on specific ROI goals
• Determine overall digital marketing strategy specific to your goals and business needs

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