Having a digital marketing strategy is key for any business wanting to establish and maintain brand awareness to reach their target audience. With social media being a key player in most of these strategies, many forget about another key player in reaching out to their target audience online: EMAIL. Using email creates a direct connection to your target audience and allows you to feed personalized, branded content to the consumer. 

However, this can only work when it is done right

Email newsletters should be planned in advance and be relevant to the recipient. If not, a potential customer could be lost forever or ignored.  If done correctly, you can acquire loyal customers, who will support the backbone of your marketing strategy.  But if not planned and executed well, your emails will end up in either spam or trash folders, which is never the goal. 


Here are some key points to keep in mind when marketing through email:

Personalize Your Emails

Include the name of the customer, location of the nearest store in their area (if applicable), and clear messaging that makes the customer feel like you are actually talking to THEM.

Include a Good Subject Line

It is the first thing that the recipient reads, make it good! Make your subject lines click-bait worthy but actually provide value within the email. This means, pull a little teaser out from your email that will entice your recipient to actually open and read your amazing news! 


Make sure the format of your email is professional, neat, and easy to follow. Always optimize emails for mobile viewing. In this day and age, nearly everyone opens their emails on mobile devices. 

Call to Action

Provide strong calls to actions, but not too many. Each email should be tracking a few goals. Remember the main action you are wanting to accomplish from the reader and use that as your main call to action. 


Quick Facts that will make you want to drop what you’re doing and plan out an eblast!

87% of Organizations use email as a part of their marketing strategy

59% of Marketing Emails have influence on final purchase decisions

50% of people buy products based on email marketing almost once a month


It is also worth noting that 14.8% of emails go missing or are labeled as spam. It is vital that businesses follow up with their emails tracking how effective they are. Most email platforms have analytics you can look at that show you open rates, click-through-rates and more in order to adjust and improve your strategy.


So , you’ve decided to add email marketing to your strategy. How do you do it right?


  • Have Welcome or Introduction Emails
  • Use Headers and Images
  • Have Proper Timing
  • Plan strategically for when, how often and why you’ll be emailing your audience


  • Use Clickbait Headlines 
  • Forget formatting for Mobile Devices
  • Ignore results/responses from emails
  • Only send something sporadically asking for a sale


Wondering where to start??

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Social Media Today, “Email Marketing and Why it’s So Important”