Last week Google updated their algorithm once again. This update was more than one of their “mild ongoing updates”. This update made some major changes to SEO factors and rankings. Marcus Tober of SearchMetrics completed a deep dive into how this new algorithm will affect various industries here.

Who does the update affect?

The update benefits news sites and newsworthy content. Many different news sites, including niche industry news sites, were shown favorability in the last update with multiple major news outlets seeing anywhere from a 15-45% increase in SEO visibility.

What can the rest of us learn from this?

The fact that Google is giving these news sites a boost in rankings shows us that Google is continuously striving to keep searchers up to date with the most relevant, quality content possible. As content writers, we need to strive to achieve what these news outlets are achieving within our own industries.

Quality Content and Gatekeepers:

Virtually all of these publications are massive entities with content checking processes in place. Having a gatekeeper in the writing process ensures that the content is good enough to represent the publication putting it out. Implementing a gatekeeper within a small business content strategy will guarantee that the articles and blogs being published are in line with keeping the end user in mind, company goals, morals, and voice.

Relevant Content:

News publications are constantly looking for a big story ­? looking to be the first to bring the next big thing to your iPhone, TV, or iPad. We need to learn from this practice. Look to bring the most up to date, important news to your users. Make the content you produce something that your audience NEEDS to know.


Knowing that Google’s number one search goal is to keep you from clicking that back button once you have clicked a link, it’s apparent that it’s in Google’s best interest to show the most up to date quality content before lesser content in their search results. If content is not quality, what reason do you have to read it? If content is not relevant to your search, would you even click on it?

Google is constantly evolving to become more than just a Search Engine; they’re entering the realm of Answer Engine. Google has made information available to any and everyone with an Internet connection and is doing it’s best to answer every question we think of.

It’s important to keep these things in mind when you’re writing content for a website. Be sure to answer a few questions to yourself:

  • Is my content high quality?
  • Meaning, does it benefit the end user?
  • Will my content be relevant to MY target audience?
  • Is it outdated?

Though Google’s algorithm may change from time to time, their philosophy has stayed the same. High quality, relevant content will always be king.