The Atkins Group

In our strategic partnership with The Atkins Group, we collaborate on enterprise-level site builds, as well as adding significant depth of expertise in the complex requirements of digital healthcare communications. Conversely, The Atkins Group supports us in broad spectrum brand development including strategies, campaign creative and research spanning healthcare as well as tourism and consumer products/services.

Telerik Sitefinity CMS

Gray Digital Group has been awarded Sitefinity Platinum Partner of the Year. We have a long-term working relationship with Telerik and Sitefinity. Used by major brands and corporations around the globe, our team has worked with this content management system since its inception in 2005. In 2013, Gray Digital Group was awarded Partner of the Quarter and Partner of the Year. Our Interactive Production Director, Richard Baugh, has successfully completed the Sitefinity Developer Certification Program.

Bright Whistle

Brightwhistle is the first end-to-end social marketing platform for the healthcare industry. This company works with many leading health systems to transform their search and social footprint into channels that increase revenue, acquire new patients and influence patient perception.

Leading Reach

Leading Reach is a single web based software solution for defining and scoring patient engagement based on Four Core Metrics of the patient process. Their proprietary system allows healthcare providers to manage their clinic with real data in real time. It's with this structure in place that clients can achieve bottom line goals of driving revenue, saving valuable staff time and eliminating costs. Ultimately, this creates happier and healthier patients.


Founded by Reed Smith, the Social Health Institute (SHI) explores the institutional and individual professional uses of social media in healthcare for the purpose of improving quality though the understanding of being social. Through research and strategic partnerships, the Social Health Institute explores new and innovative ways for hospitals and health care organizations to develop and enhance their social media and digital marketing strategy.

Medicom Health Interactive

Medicom Health Interactive, creators of EVALIA® Personal Health Profilers develops evidence-based health and wellness software applications that set the gold standard for online consumer engagement. Our line of health risk assessment tools identify at-risk populations through a series of questions related to lifestyle, family history, and health, then provides personalized results that empower consumers to make healthy lifestyle choices. The profilers are designed to provide health care systems and hospitals with the consumer information needed to promote their service lines through targeted messaging and reach at-risk populations.