Social/Digital Media - Storytelling using rich media

Creating a social/digital media presence is more than just technology, it is about telling your story passionately. Whether it is a website, a blog, a social media post--it comes down to engaging with your consumer by telling stories.

Lead by Bobby Rettew Chief Storyteller, Gray Digital Group works with organizations to develop and implement digital/social media strategies. We help our clients strategically establish their social presence using passionate storytelling as the core framework. Our ultimate goal is to show organizations how to build a community around their message and their brand.

Video Storytelling - Documentaries of Advocacy

In February 2014 Emmy Award Winning Journalist Bobby Rettew joined the Gray team and brought his gift for storytelling and video production to our team. Bobby has a passion for working with clients to find stories within any context. He then helps them tell those stories in a way that the audience can see the story through the organization's heart. Here are some examples of Bobby’s work.

Gray Digital Group Building

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Gray Digital Group works with clients all over the country, including large national health systems and small to medium sized businesses, law firms and non-profits.

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